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"Let me thank you and Katriina for the extremely prompt response to our backup problem in the basement... As seniors, we really panicked due to the flooding in our basement. We sincerely appreciate your assistance. No question about it, KÜNG Property Management services should be given an A+ for excellent service rendered. Thank you again ..."

Maxwell Collins,
Woburn Woods
"Having been original owners at Sterling Club II, I would like to thank everyone for the 28 years of co-operation. Special thanks to Hilary and Roy for their outstanding work throughout three decades. God Bless you all!"

Mila Boseovski
Owner, Sterling Club II

"We would like to thank you for all hard work you are doing in our building in order to bring it to a higher standard.

We have lived here since it was opened and saw a few property management companies. Only with you we started seeing a big difference. We thank you for always addressing the problems that we had and resolving them in the most efficient way. We would like to let you know that we see a big difference since you came on board."

Yuriy Syrotyuk and Svetlana Lupasco
Owners, POSH Condominiums

"We'd like to take this opportunity upon the renewal of the management contract to thank you both for your professionalism, dedication and sensitivity to the many needs and issues that continue to arise in the management of our building. When we look back at where we were before you arrived in November 1995, and where the Corporation is now, it is with relief and pride that we wholeheartedly endorse another three years of team work with your both."

Board of Directors, Y.C.C. #276
"Without a doubt Tony, with his wealth of experience, knowledge and tactful approach has more than exceeded our expectations at 86 Gloucester Street and has fulfilled the criteria expected. Aili Kung provides an excellent administration with both her experience as a law clerk and her ability to do the financial transactions required."

Charles Cook - Y.C.C. 427

"This is just a little personal note - to tell you how much I appreciate your management of our building/home. Ever since you came to us, I have felt so safe and secure and cared for and, believe me, that has not always been the case. You are always so accessible and kind and pleasant. We were very blessed the day we found you and persuaded you to come to us.

Jeannie Hersenhorn - Y.C.C. #427
"A special thanks to our strong management team, KÜNG Property Management, and the Board of Directors. Good management is the backbone of any condominium complex and is a key element in the decision making for any purchaser."

Ken Hale Sr., Sutton Group Success Realty Ltd.. - M.T.C.C.#978
"We have enjoyed our relationship with Prominence Point, especially those representatives on the board of directors and the property manager, Tony Kung. When we bought in December 1993, we were thrilled planning our retirement at Prominence Point. As the years went by our plans changed and we decided to sell. Thank you for the years we owned our unit."

James and Susan Begley - M.T.C.C#978
"I found the financial records neat and well indexed. It is rare to find such a complete audit trail."

David W. Dunphy, C.A. - M.T.C.C. #683

"Thanks for all your hard work in 2001. Our home was safe, clean and well managed."

Gerry Swartz and Ken Hale - Y.C.C. #118
"Yourself and the management staff have been extremely friendly and helpful. The level of cleanliness and orderliness is commendable. The grounds are pleasing to look at and the "Eastern Slope" is nice to have on my doorstep. You have shown yourselves to be approachable and concerned. All in all, a nice place to hang your hat."

Owner - Y.C.C. #118
"Tony took over from a company that had run us $80,000.00 in debt. IN seven months he had made up the loss. He is honest, hardworking and intelligent.

Terry Churchmuch - M.T.C.C. #999
"Enjoyed working with Tony. He is extremely knowledgeable and I relied on him to help me with problems. He knows the condominium management inside out. He negotiated a special water rate which saved us thousands and a free lighting retrofit. His major strengths are: excellent personal skills, he get along well with everybody. He is an excellent negotiator."

Doug Hamilton - M.T.C.C. #796

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